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Do you always leave things to the last minute and then get very stressed and anxious about it? Or do you struggle with procrastination and a lack motivation and focus to work on your projects even though they really seem to be what you want to do?

The reasons for procrastination and a lack of motivation and focus can be manyfold and there is not an one-fits-all answer to overcome it. What is a common theme though is that with our conscious mind we actually would like to do something but for some reason we lack the energy, focus and the resolve to actually do it. Willpower does not seem to work here. It is as if our body and mind do not follow our instruction and do their own thing which often leads to a lot of self-criticism and guilt.

As people do not seem to be able to consciously have control over it, procrastination and the lack of motivation and focus must have reasons that are subconscious and here it gets more difficult as this area cannot be easily accessed.


An RTT™ Therapy is a great tool to solve this problem as it works with the subconscious mind. It can uncover subconscious beliefs and blocks that are the reason for procrastinating and can resolve and replace them with better and more helpful beliefs and habits. Understanding your reasons for procrastinating in a deeply relaxed state is very powerful.

Another great benefit of the RTT™ Therapy is that it includes a tailored hypnotic recording for your particular situation with powerful pictures and suggestions for your mind to listen to in your own time after the actual RTT™ therapy session. The RTT™ recording supports you in developing positive thoughts and beliefs about the challenges in your life. It helps you to be focused, motivated and full of energy. Moreover, it installs confidence in yourself and your abilities to tackle a task or situation. An RTT™ Therapy also eliminates self-criticism and establishes true confidence and self-love. It is also a powerful tool to establish new habits to boost your focus and motivation.

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Now let us have a look at an example. What could be a possible cause for procrastination? For many people the cause of procrastinating is the fear of failure or the fear of being judged. If you never start or complete a task, you cannot fail because you have never finished it. You are at a stage where you cannot be judged.

In most cases the fear of being judged formed early in life, for example as a result of a very strict teacher or someone laughing at you. The child’s mind might have formed the belief that this situation was very painful and should be avoided at all cost. As a result, the adult now always procrastinates tasks to avoid judgement or failure because he subconsciously fears it. The easiest and most powerful way to stop procrastinating is to find and understand these subconscious beliefs, in order to release and replace them with more helpful ones. An RTT™ Therapy is a great tool to do that.

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Below I want to share my 9 easy tips to stop procrastination. Whilst they do not address the subconscious level, they are still a great starting point for more focus and motivation.

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  • Realize that there are certain things in life that need to be done but it does not always feel great to actually do them. So do not believe the TV ads which suggest that exercising is always fun. It is not and often you might not feel like it. The trick is to do it anyway. The good news is that once you have started or the latest once you have finished you will feel great about it. So do not overthink it, just do it!
  • Do the things you find most challenging first. If you do that you will notice that the heaviness of having to do a task, disappears and is replaced by a sense of satisfaction and a boost of energy that will help you to go about your other tasks for the day.
  • Establish daily routines that serve you. (e.g. reading an elating book & doing meditation in the morning, daily exercising). It helps doing these routines at the same time each day. Your mind likes what is familiar. Therefore, making certain things a habit, like brushing your teeth, will make your mind to work for you, not against you. You can establish a habit by repetition, doing something long enough on a regular basis.
  • Set achievable goals for yourself and once accomplished, allow yourself a treat.
  • Create a realistic schedule with deadlines and stick to it.
  • Gain control over your thoughts. This is critical. Your thoughts do not just fly into your brain. You are the boss of your mind. Do not allow anyone or anything to clutter your mind with demotivating stuff or things that pull you down. You can compare your mind to a garden, and you are the gardener. You are in charge to make that garden beautiful. You take care of it and keep it clean of weeds and rubbish you do not want in there. You are the one to decides which plants can come in and which not. You are the guard and need to look after the beautiful garden of your mind (for a free meditation here).
  • Eat healthily, have enough sleep and exercise regularly. This leads to a boost in your energy levels and creates lots of happiness hormones. It also results in more balance and peace in your life.
  • Believe in yourself. Already Henry Ford said: “Whether you think you can or you think you cannot - you are right.”
  • Watch your inner dialogue. Is the inner critic very strong? Then you need to have a word with him. The most important opinion you will ever hear is your own. Therefore, always be gentle, kind and loving with yourself.
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