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Do you feel you have reached a plateau in your athletic performance and cannot find a way to go beyond it? Do you want to perfect and strengthen your technique, but do not succeed? Are your nerves on edge during a competition and you find it difficult to be calm and focused? Mental training using the Rapid Transformational Therapy™ (RTT™) is a very powerful tool addressing the various aspects of sports performance, because it goes to the root by working with the subconscious mind.


Did you know that our behavior is only about 10% determined by conscious thoughts? (To be exact, this figure varies, depending on the research between 6 – 30%.) The other 90% of what we do happens unconsciously. It is basically like a program that runs in the background. Take the example of driving your car. Have you ever experienced that you cannot remember how you actually drove from A to B? You cannot consciously remember because your subconscious mind was in charge. It used an existing program.

Of course, you have the same situation in sports. Your subconscious mind has a huge influence on your performance. All past experiences and events are saved in your unconscious. Some of them might have been negative and lead to the formation of beliefs that are not serving you anymore. For example, a negative, scary exam situation during your childhood might have led to the subconscious belief that competitive situations are somehow dangerous, which of course impacts your performance at competitions.

Body and mind are inextricably linked. Only if the mind is ready and prepared for the performance it can be released by the body. Therefore, working with your subconscious mind brings great opportunities to increase and optimize your performance. An RTT™ Therapy helps removing mental blocks, installing confidence and focus and improving the ability to deal with stress and pain. Furthermore, it positively influences recovery and establish healthy habits.

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Working with the mind opens a wide field of applications in sports and mental training has long become an essential part in the training of competitive athletes. But also amateur athletes use the power of mental training to their advantage. Let us have a look at some areas in more detail.


Often current performance can be negatively influenced by not being able to overcome negative past experiences, such as an accident or an unexpected bad result. But it does not even have to be a past experience. Sometimes just a belief that e.g. a certain time is unachievable for you, might represent a block which can be hard to overcome.

Identifying and transforming such beliefs often leads to a significant increase in performance. The RTT™ method is particularly powerful in this regard as it uses hypnosis to communicate with the subconscious mind in order to expose those beliefs and paradigms and to reprogram new, helpful beliefs instead.

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Another critical area for athletes is to maximize motivation and mental strength. It goes without saying that this cannot be achieved without working with the mind. The RTT™ Therapy is very powerful in this respect: in a first step it can identify underlying reasons for a lack of focus, nervousness in a competition or a lack of stamina for example. In a second step new powerful and helpful beliefs are established. After the actual therapy session every client receives a tailored audio recording which helps to further strengthen the new beliefs. The recording uses a powerful and exciting language and is specifically made for the athlete’s particular circumstances and goals.

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In respect of mental strength there are various areas that can be optimized, for example:

  • increasing confidence
  • overcoming weaknesses
  • optimization of the inner dialogue
  • coping with and experiencing pain
  • strengthening mental stamina and resilience
  • accessing reserves
  • dealing with stress, pressure and fear
  • coping with experiences, feelings and emotions
  • achieving inner peace, balance and self-love

Another area in which the RTT™ Therapy can be employed is the improvement and optimization of your technique. Also in this area, the hypnotic recording is very valuable as it is particularly tailored to the technique you need to improve. It is produced in close collaboration with each client to make sure it exactly targets the areas that need optimization. It involves the repetition of the different stages of that technique without actually physically doing it, whilst the body is in a state of complete relaxation. You need to listen to the recording for at least three weeks to achieve optimal results. It is also a great tool for training free periods, such as after injury or during a break.


Regeneration and recovery after accidents plays a critical role for athletes. The RTT™ Method has specific tools to support the body during the recovery phase to ensure a strong come-back. But also life-style, healthy nutrition, relaxation and sleep are topics that can be addressed and optimized.


Performing strongly and being focused during a competition is the major goal for competing athletes. Also here, the RTT™ Method can help to establish strong beliefs of true confidence, resilience and repose. RTT™ can help you dealing with emotions or ignoring distractions, fears (e.g. of injury) or pressure (e.g. by spectators) in order to achieve full concentration, focus and your optimal performance.

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