I’ve had a wonderful RTT™ session with Babett. The peaceful and trusting atmosphere Babett is creating in her sessions is so inviting that one really opens up, it invites you to really let all your critical mind go, and fully trust the process. The result was incredible. The root cause was unexpected, but oh so true. And once Babett was able to help me through that process, to help me see that I only responded that way because I had no choice when i was a child. But now, she showed me the way how I can respond from now on. And so I lost all my anxiety, my stress I had developed over this issue I had.

Thank you Babett. I highly recommend you! You freed me!

Els, Netherlands

The online Zoom session with Babett was really revealing and healing. Already one day after our session I felt a deep peace in my heart. And I was relieved and free. I was freed from my (my parents) old beliefs that “Life has to be difficult, that I have to work harder than others to achieve my goals.” Babett is incredibly sensitive and accepting in her work. I felt absolutely in safe hands with her.

Thanks, thanks again for this great experience dear Babett. And I wish many, many other people this wonderful experience to have a session with you.

Undine, Germany

Babett is an excellent therapist. She maintained a level of professionalism and calm and helped me navigate through some difficult memories. Babett skilfully helped me make the connections and release my attachment to some of my past situations related to criticism and self-esteem. I felt very supported which allowed me to let go.

If you are seeking to let go of the blocks that are holding you back from living the life you desire, I highly recommend working with Babett.

Shushan, US

I had an RTT session with Babett to stop eating sweets just out of boredom. I wanted to get rid of my constant craving for biscuits, cakes and chocolate. By that i wanted to get back to my perfect weight. Moreover, I wanted to improve my motivation as an athlete. Initially, my expectation regarding the session was neutral. So I was quite surprised that I had results straight after the session. The appetite for sweets was gone. Cakes and chocolate are no longer appealing to me. That's how I was able to achieve my ideal weight. In addition, my self-image as an athlete has strengthened. Moreover, I have put a greater focus on the mental side of my training, which also shows in my results.

I would really recommend an RTT session with Babett to anyone who wants to improve an area in their lives and just feels stuck. Understanding the reasons for a particular behavior makes the change really easy.

Roberto, Germany

I had a Zoom Session with Babett to work on a relationship issue which I have carried for many years with me. Babett guided me quickly and seemingly effortlessly into hypnosis and then through the whole process of what makes Rapid Transformational Therapy such an outstanding methodology. For the first time, I was able to go deep into regression and I discovered the root cause of my core relationship issue. With Babett on my side, guiding me calmly and professionally through the whole discovery and completion process, I felt safe and confident to unravel the issue and release it eventually. Listening to her extraordinary sensitive and custom-made transformational recording gave me the additional boost to quickly change.

Thank you Babett for this fantastic experience!

Daniela, Switzerland

Babett is a kind, caring, gentle person and therapist who made me feel at ease and safe in her hands from the very beginning. I had a session with her to deal with a long-standing hair thinning problem that has been causing me a lot of upset. She skilfully guided me to the causes of the issue and upgraded my belief system within the session. While the results will take a while to see fully, I am already noticing less hair loss at the time of washing, and I feel much more comfortable with my hair.

I would highly recommend working with Babett, her manner is so gentle it’s like being guided by an earth angel to find your answers. Thank you!

Nicole, France